A Little About Cheron

In 2012 December after channeling a Female Earth Based energy and a Male Source energy ((Dana and Josiah) a new energy came through and it was almost at a time when I was gifted an aspect of Akasha that was to remain within me. Soon after I then felt a shift in energies of who I was 'channeling' and in time we agreed on a name based on a brief explanation. I was given CH R N. Was not quite sure how to turn that into a name so I put in the E and O and they became Cheron.

Always felt they - were a 'they' and I wanted to know more about who 'they' were and I was then told " Cheron of the 12 Origin" as in energy states of Existence which all dimensions are based from. My logical mind was like - ahhaaa - sure - yep but soon learned that the information given was mindblowing (for me).

So for three years the Cheron crew has been bringing forward information that I now have been told stems from the Akasha Library of Knowledge of All things. Was not sure how to take that snippet of info but soon learned that origin was not always important for the message(s) were saying it all.

I have met the 12 - many are physically humanoid with variations in how they communicate, what their sciences are, how they catalog information. They either provide extreme healing when they work through me, or they are rather abrupt. Then I have seen two who are more ethereal, one was a glorious array of bright light , another was like a swirly dark cloud. Found those two both difficult to be around too much - just their vibration was not closely matched to mine. Made me feel 'off key'. Another is non humanoid looking , cant say that I have that one step forward to bring information yet. Perhaps that is something to look forward too.

Sometimes you will see their messages as being super uplifting and exciting - that is my favourite one ! The one who is scientific and uses big confusing phrases - sometimes needs me to define easier when possible.

If you ever get to see Cheron when they channel through me in real time, quite the interesting energy to watch (according to others). It is nice to know that 8th dimensional beings know how to laugh and have fun. 

Phoenix Paton, channeled partner of Cheron