Q. How long does this program take?

A. Essentially there is an activity per day with a program that can last up to 8 months! How you manage this is individual to the person and we are more than happy to adapt according to your life needs.


Q. What can the program do for me?

A. With anything in life, you can only get out of something based on how much you put into it, at a minimum you can explore aspects of self a little deeper, or at maximum you can discover empowering qualities about yourself that you didn't believe was possible.


Q. What documentation do I receive as a participant of the program?

A. Each of the Ten Lesson's has 1-4 sections, and each section has 7 activities. You will receive a pdf file of each activity to keep. On completion you will receive a certificate of completion, and a cover letter of your 8 month journey.


Q. If during the program I have a question, how long do I need wait for an answer

A. You will be assigned to your own facilitator on commencement of the program. It is our pledge to respond to your queries within 12 hours of asking. This can be done via email or within the forum. Both are checked frequently. The program facilitators endeavor to respond as humanly possible via multiple modalities eg; email, forum, Facebook private messaging.


Q. What does Cheron have to do with this program apart from the 'birthing' process?

A. All the information within the program has been co-written with my channeled partner(s) to provide insight into the Human Soul condition. Their energies and wisdom provides a general 'feel' to the whole program which you will get to know in time.


Q. Can I ask Cheron questions?

A. Cheron enjoys sharing energies that occurs in channeled communication. Within the Forum and Email methods of this program you are more than welcome to ask Cheron for clarification, questions related or otherwise. Phoenix hopes to allow a real time experience in the distant future. 


Q. What expectations are there ifI am a program participant?

A. To gain any benefit from the program there is a requirement to complete 80% of the activities, however there is no time frame for completion apart from your own.


Q. What if life gets too busy to continue with the program?

A. We are more than happy to put your participation with the program on extended 'hold' until such time as you are able. On return you just start when you last participated.


Q. If I choose a 'pay as I go' option, when do I receive the Lesson ?

A. When you have paid your self investment, the activies will be sent to you in an orderly fashion based on your discussed preferences. As funds allow, your activities will become available to you. We are always open for negotiation because we strongly believe that this program would benefit all.


Q. Which is best for me; Group Participation or 1 on 1

A. This is very much the decision for you for some enjoy working with others, and there are those who are private and prefer to keep to themselves during their growth process.


Q. If I find that the program is not right for me, is there a refund policy?

A. If at any time during the first 60 days you find the program does not meet or suit your needs, we will happily refund 50% of your initial instalment, upon receipt of your written request.You can also choose to discontinue the program at any time and no further instalments will be payable


Q. How do you learn to channel?

A. Phoenix teaches people how to channel as she believes that it is something that everyone can do with some preparation. You may be channeling and not even realise it, through auto-writing, talking within dream or meditation, semi/full trance.


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