We are spiritual energy having a physical experience...


Most of the time we think with our physical mind - so to speak ... but what is that which guides us , sure our spirit guides , but we have a soul , some is walking this experience , the rest is residing within the universal consciousness


To determine what it is needed for your current incarnation - we can connect to our Higher Soul self and get some guidance that way. Our higher selves have more insight into our direction and things to be more aware of that is occurring in our life right now. 

On completion of the Past life Connection course and tools obtained, you will be eligible to participate in this six lesson course that will enhance your abilities in connecting with yours and others Higher selves.






ONE TIME - $120.00 (USD)

A one time payment of $120 (USD) 


PAY per lesson - $22.50 (usd)

Pay per Lesson. Each lesson is $22.50 (USD) and must be paid in advance.