Phoenix Paton

Program Founder

You could say I am a natural Spiritual Conduit. I have always had this ability to see, hear , feel , and know things as I have grown spiritually. For the last twenty years my connection has increased exponentially...




ISD Emailing System

For those showing interest in our continued gathering of Spiritual Knowledge, Awareness and Development. Click the link below to register for the Journal...



Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Readings

Connecting with both you and your Spirit.

Whether you choose the Baic Oracle Card Reading, the Complex Oracle Card Reading or a Soul Guide Reading it will be individualised and based on your own...


Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Help promote amazing strides in your awareness

As a spiritual being, we are often encouraged to increase our current wisdom and bring down the veils to our own inner knowledge gleaned from many lives and experiences...


The Outcome

Changing many aspects in how you approach life and combined both your Human experience as a Spiritual Being.

Guiding you towards the Path of Potential. Each and Everyone of you are capable of the plans that we have for building more of a connection to Self and Source wisdom.


THE Programs

Inner Discovery

Within the program there are 10 lessons...

Universal Perspective

Start to reflect on what is occurring...

Intuitive Development

This course is all about remembering...