Welcome to this six lesson course that will provide you with the tools and methods required to make your own and others past life connections. During this course you will develop a deeper core understanding of Past life connection; your own Soul and the possible journey that it may wish to take; and continue to develop a strong relationship with your Guides, Soul team, and other Light Masters that may come into your life when you open the doors to the past.

Be guided by your own experience and desire to move forward at your own pace with these lessons. There is no expectation for how long it should take to complete this course, however it is strongly encouraged by the ISD course coordinators that you allow at least one week between each lesson so that you may truly embrace the rich lessons you may glean from a past life journey.





ONE TIME - $100.00 (USD)

A one time payment of $100 (USD) 


PAY per lesson - $20.00 (USD)

Pay per Lesson.. Each lesson is $20.00 (USD) and must be paid in advance.