Your commitment

Each and Everyone of you are capable of the plans that we have for building more of a connection to Self and Source wisdom. It’s your human states of worthiness, esteem and awareness that provide the potential limitation that you place on yourself!


First and foremost - Life is not hierarchy, Awareness is not Master and Student (for we are both). Growth is not contained to the elite or select few. If you are reading this and are curious - then here is a newsflash - "You are Ready". If you feel excitement with this " You are Ready"


If you are ready to invest in yourself, Honor the core aspects of you at all levels, and can commit to 15 minutes per day for up to 8 months, to YOU, then this program is perfect for you.

our guidance

Through the Reflect to Realise program, we pledge to provide the guidance and support that you seek during the process. 


We are committed to ensure that we discuss without judgment , provide privacy and confidentiality with what is disclosed and the passion to help you on your journey of deep inner discovery.


We strive to ensure that the program meets your lifes needs. All Facilitators know how life can be an adventure, and also can be a challenge so understand how participation can be varied.


However we are willing to commit to you, as you commit to the program that shines light on your Inner You!

the potentiAl

The process will involve a stronger cohesion with Soul and Human that is within You.


You will get to know aspects of self that perhaps you have hidden in life for whatever reason.


Self discovery at its finest.


But the beauty of this discovery is that

a) you realise you are not alone

b) you are more empowered than you could every imagine if you can let it happen


If you want to be better than others with this - then this is not the place for you. Ego stays far away!


If you want to be better than You are right NOW then exciting times will lay ahead.