There is a line between our world, and the world of the Spirit and generally when incarnated the veil between the two takes time to lift before communication can be established.

There are  those who call themselves psychic or medium, or spirit communicators / Channelers, or  spiritual conduits, and have established the tools required to communicate in their effective and individual ways. Some use various form of mediumship such as Clairvoyant (seeing), clair audient (hearing), clairsenstient (knowing), trance mediumship, and autow​ri​ters O​ther divination tools such as tarot or oracle cards, pendulum,​ scrying, runes, numerology, astrology, tea leaf reading, d​ousing rods and  auric reading are examples of methods psych​ics or mediums are using. ​


​In establishing a conn​ection between YOU​, t​he spirit conduit and your soul team, together mes​sa​ges​ and insight c​an be shared. Sometimes what we want to hear, an​d what​ is given us is not always the same. We are told what we need to kn​ow at the time of the connection rather than what we want to know.​


We can ask for the messages to be centered around a certain topic but dependent on what is going on in your life we have to trust that what is brought forward is for the highest good and works towards the soul's purpose.


Trust in the process, trust in your soul team, and always discern what is given you. If it resonates with you, then it is most likely correct, if it doesn't then trust in your heart with what you are shown.